James Bryant

Into the horizonoftheinfinite.NET


To view the work, click on the above image.

Into the horizonoftheinfinite.NET is an online installation that displays an image of sunset and sunrise juxtaposed next to each other. Each image is live from a web camera that is linked to at the actual time of sunset and sunrise. The inspiration for the work was to explore the notion that it is the earth’s rotation tracing the path of time; that time as we know it is defined by the movement of the earth, on its axis and also in orbit around the sun, and as such it’s an arbitrary period of duration that dictates so much about how we live, how we understand who we are.


There is within this project an attempt to freeze time, to halt the turning rotation of the earth in a moment of nostalgia; perched on the horizon we are given a fleeting opportunity to hold on to something before it’s gone forever. The work exists equally as an online exhibit and within a physical space displayed on screens or as projections, in whole and in part.

PHP programming by Benjamin Hall.