Isabel Bonafé

The Gerund of Touch

A screen, a camera, a single-board computer, algorithms, and photographs are the components of the ‘gerund of touch’. The screen shows us an image which seems to represent a stone. When we start to look at the image, this is destabilized and its resemblance is broken: the viewer (captured by the camera –facial recognition system) activates the photograph and (un)makes its representation, enacting and forming a quasi-image that only belongs to the present. It sprouts from the entanglement between the photograph and the gaze and thus it cannot be archived, stored or accumulated as it inheres to the act of being, to the present. Once the viewer stops looking at it, the initial photograph of the stone reappears, waiting to be activated again. Each time, the quasi-images created in the interaction are new, different, unique and unrepeatable.